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Ready to make your voice heard by the world's top casting agents?

Look no further! We guarantee to maximize your opportunities by creating professional voice-over demos that target exactly what casting agents want to hear. With our custom demo service delivered by industry veterans, even novice voice actors can sound like seasoned pros. 

Say goodbye to endless auditions and hello to more, highly paid job offers!

Get ready to showcase your talent and land quality roles with Voiceover Masterclass Demo Reels - your pathway to success in the voice-over industry!

Voice Over Demo Reels

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What We Provide


Guided Session

We'll guide you through a live one-to-one mentoring session to produce a voiceover recording that best fits your vocal style.


Music & SFX

Enhance your demos with our premium music and sound effects to complement your script selections and performance.



Our professional sound engineers will edit, mix and master your recording to produce a demo reel of the highest calibre.

How it Works


Book a call for your

Live One-to-One
Guided Voiceover Session

Use our order page to invest in your professional demo reel production and book a call on our calendar for your guided recording session on a date and time most suitable to you.

Together we'll choose from a selection of voiceover scripts most suited to your voice type and preferred style and you'll be guided throughout a live recording session until you have a collection of your best performances with audio quality of the highest calibre.

Our Professional Sound Engineers Produce Your Voiceover Demo Reel

Your collection of best performances will be transformed in to your very own professional demo reel which is finely crafted to capture precisely what casting agents are seeking to hear.

Our team of expert audio engineers with decades of experience in the voiceover industry will professionally edit and mixed your voice-over audio recordings with perfectly matched music and sound effects to compliment your voice-over demo reel.



Share your own Professional Demo Reel with the World!

Your new voiceover demo reel will be ready show off what you can do, across various styles, and help you land quality roles for clients and casting directors Worldwide!

You will be dilivered your professionally produced demo reel in mp3 and wav formats so you can proudly display it on your website and share it on social media to generate new leads and clients excited to work with you!


Trusted Clients Saying About Us


Sarah H.

"Since my demo my voiceover career has taken off! The quality of the production and the variety of styles showcased in my demo reel impressed casting directors, leading to numerous auditions and bookings. I've secured multiple corporate narration gigs and landed a major commercial campaign, all thanks to the impactful demo reel they created for me. Highly recommended!"




Michael C.

"I can't thank you enough for the outstanding work you did on my voiceover demo. The attention to detail, seamless editing, and strategic selection of clips have been instrumental in my success. Within weeks of sharing my demo reel with agents and industry professionals, I received callbacks and signed with a top voiceover agency. I'm now working on a popular audiobook series, and it all started with my incredible demo reel."


Emily T.

"Within days of sharing my demo reel, I received inquiries for radio commercials, video game characters, and even an opportunity to narrate a documentary. The investment I made in this demo reel has truly paid off, and I couldn't be happier with the results."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voiceover demo reel?

A voiceover demo reel is a compilation of professionally produced audio clips that showcase your voice acting skills and versatility. It serves as a powerful marketing tool to highlight your abilities to potential clients and casting directors.

How long is the voiceover demo reel?

The voiceover demo reel we produce will be no longer than 2-2.5 minutes. We understand the importance of capturing the listener's attention and keeping the demo concise and engaging.

What styles are included in the demo reel?

Our demo reel production service offers a variety of styles to cater to your versatility. We include demos in different styles such as corporate, commercial, and audiobook narration. This ensures that your demo showcases your ability to excel in various genres. During your guided session we will work with you to discover and develop the style most suited to your voice and preference.

How many clips will be included in the demo reel?

Each voiceover demo reel includes 5-6 carefully selected clips. These clips are designed to highlight your unique vocal abilities and range, providing potential clients with a comprehensive overview of your skills.

Will the demo reel include background music and sound effects?

Yes, we believe in creating a captivating and immersive listening experience. Your voiceover demo reel will be enhanced with carefully selected background music and sound effects that complement and elevate your performance.

Can I provide my own scripts for the demo reel?

Absolutely! We encourage you to provide any specific scripts or excerpts that you would like to include in your demo reel. Our team will work closely with you to incorporate your desired content and ensure that it aligns with your branding and objectives.

Can I submit recordings in different languages?

No, as our team of professional voiceovers are all based in English speaking Countries and only speak English, we can only provide voiceover evaluation and feedback on voiceover files submitted with English being the spoken language.

Do you offer a refund period?

We do not offer refunds for professional demo reel production services due to the customization and labor-intensive process involved, intellectual property concerns, the subjective nature of artistic work, and our commitment to customer satisfaction and support throughout the production process.


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