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Are you a voice actor looking to take your voice over skills to the next level?  Want to land more voice acting roles in video games, films, and commercials? Look no further!


Our Private Evaluation and Feedback Services are here to help you refine your voice and maximize your potential as a professional voice actor.

3 Simple Steps

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Here’s everything you get:


  • Expert Evaluation: Our experienced team of professional voice overs will thoroughly evaluate your recordings, focusing on your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive tailored feedback and actionable suggestions to enhance your natural voice, sound quality and voiceover techniques, delivery, tone, and character portrayal.
  • Professional Insights: Gain valuable insights and industry secrets from our experts who have successfully guided countless voice actors towards their breakthrough performances.
  • Unleash Your Potential: With our detailed feedback and guidance, unlock your full potential and gain the confidence to showcase your unique voice and make your voice overs stand out in auditions.

Why Choose Voiceover Masterclass for your

Voice Over Evaluation and Feedback?

Reputable Expertise: Our team is trusted by voice actors worldwide, with a stellar reputation for providing exceptional guidance and support.

Affordable Pricing: Our Private Evaluation Services offer tremendous value for the expertise and insights you'll receive.

Personalized Approach: We understand that every voice talent is unique. That's why our feedback is tailored specifically to your voice, style, and goals, helping you develop your signature sound.

Fast Turnaround: We prioritize your progress. You'll receive prompt feedback, ensuring you can implement our recommendations and grow as a voice actor, start booking jobs and land more voice work without delay.

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Don't let your voice be unheard! Invest in yourself and propel your voice acting career forward with our Voiceover Feedback Services. Our affordable pricing, coupled with our expertise and personalized approach, makes this an opportunity you can't afford to miss! PLUS receive these 3 FREE Bonuses when you order today!


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Directed Voiceover Sessions

How to make your home directed sessions go well and to ensure you get re-booked!


Bonus #3

10 Voice Acting Practice Scripts

Various script excerpts for you to discover new character voices and to inspire your voice acting showreels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A voiceover evaluation and feedback service is a service that provides professional assessment and critique of voiceover performances, helping individuals improve their skills.

The process involves submitting your voiceover recordings to us. Our experts listen to your recordings, analyze them, and provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Anyone involved in voiceover work, such as aspiring voice actors, professionals seeking to enhance their skills, or individuals looking for constructive feedback on their performances.

Using a voiceover evaluation and feedback service allows you to receive expert guidance, identify areas for improvement, enhance your skills, and gain valuable insights to take your voiceover career to the next level.

Typically, you can expect to receive feedback within a few days after submitting your recordings.

Yes, we offer personalized voiceover evaluation and feedback services. Our experts listen to your specific recordings and provide feedback tailored to your voice, performance, and goals.

No, as our team of professional voiceovers are all based in English speaking Countries and only speak English, we can only provide voiceover evaluation and feedback on voiceover files submitted with English being the spoken language.

To maximize the benefits, it's essential to carefully review the feedback provided, take notes, and actively work on implementing the suggestions given. Practice regularly, apply the feedback, and consider seeking further evaluations to track your progress over time.


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