Want A Better Podcast? Have Your Guests Audio Sound Like They're Sat There Right Next To You...

No Matter Where They Are In The World!

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Everybody loves a great conversation on a Podcast based on a subject you’re really into, but quite often you are in one location and your Podcast guest could be the other side of the planet!



Do you use Zoom or Skype to record your podcast interviewees?  It’s pretty poor quality isn’t it.  The audio quality is OK for short interviews but your listeners will turn off for longer interviews.  Of course, wouldn’t it be great to record video as well as audio from your Podcast guests so you can edit together YouTube versions of your podcasts as well?  But video uses up even MORE internet bandwidth, so the quality will be even worse! And poor technical quality is a real turn off for listeners.


The old way was a real hassle!



Yes, this basically means that you persuade your guests and co-presenters to all record themselves locally. In other words, they plug their microphones and / or cameras into a computer, or even record themselves on their smartphone if it has a decent camera and microphone. You're recording at your base end of course.   Then after the podcast recording, everyone finds their files they’ve recorded, and sends them all to you via WeTransfer or whatever.    You then edit YOUR bits and THEIR bits together, and you try to sync them up!   Advantages? You get wonderful clean audio and video recordings from everyone without any distortion or glitches. Disadvantages – never mind that your guests may not be technically able to record themselves, do you REALLY want to go through all this hassle?

Now we have the automatic Riverside system!!



For your audio and video podcasts, you need to use the Riverside system.  You can try it for free by clicking here: www.Riverside.fm


Riverside is a game changer for podcast producers, and also for producers of broadcast TV and radio programmes as it records the audio and video FROM THE GUESTS or CO-PRESENTERS ENDS. The guest doesn't have to have any technical knowledge, there’s no messing about,  it's all automatic and you get the audio and video files after your interview with the best quality as if you’ve driven to your guests’ house with your microphone and camera.  

Poor internet speed is irrelevant with the Riverside system.



Once you log in you send your guest a link, like Zoom or whatever.  Here’s  a screen shot of me chatting with internet marketing expert Mark Laxton.  His picture and sound quality was terrible at my end.  But I knew that Mark has top end gear at his end.  I didn’t have to worry as afterwards, Riverside sent me a link to download the audio and video stream as if it was actually recorded AT HIS END!


You download the files from Riverside and you get perfect video and audio quality with no internet glitches!



It’s as if I drove round to their home with a microphone and camera!  Your podcasts and videos will become so much more professional, and you won’t lose listeners who are fed up with glitchy sound and vision.

Of course, the quality can be even better if you persuade your guests to be placed behind their microphones properly in a nice quiet and acoustically friendly location.



So if you'd like to try out Riverside for FREE with no obligation, please click here:  www.riverside.fm


You will be amazed, you really will! 


And if you'd like to know more about our full Masterclass Podcast Production course, that includes much more on;

Interviewing guests, including how to find great ones!

How to conduct interviews to get the best replies and interplay, everything about how to set podcasts up.

How to record, to edit, mastering with metadata, uploading, getting on the top directories, and the all-important marketing, promotion and monetization of your podcasts.


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